Our Story



DreamersFit is a Latina owned fitness apparel brand, Inspired by everyone who is trying to find themselves in the fitness industry. Created in 2021 by Monse Padilla after facing her own difficulties in the fitness industry. Not all journeys are the same but remember that everything starts with a Dream.  

Monse Started her fitness journey in 2016. Where she had to go through a lot of inner battles on trying to find who she is and trying to overcome weight gain and trying to love her body. Everybody is perfect and remember that everyone can start writing their journey today!!

Monse was born in Mexico City and at the age of 7 years old her family and her made the journey to move to a little town in Wisconsin. There is no limits if you put your mind to it. Monse is proud Mexican and she loves to help and show people that everything is possible. 


Our Mission and Vision is built upon a dream that every success starts small. We are not just another fitness brand. We are Dreamers inspiring action.

We are here to built upon the value of people and the courage to begin. Our cloths resembles that of not just fitness but overall health. Our vision is to inspire people to take action in their lives by getting active and supporting one another to reach their dreams.